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Surveillance System

A surveillance system may seem like a superfluous option when you have a good security and alarm system on your doors and inside your home or business. However, having a surveillance system can have many benefits and the kind of surveillance system you purchase depends on your specific needs. A surveillance system provides a visual instead of just an alarm and can be very useful.

Such a system can be installed indoors and outdoors, and there can be various reasons why you may need one. An obvious reason is that you want to protect your property and your loved ones, and you want to make sure that burglars think twice before attempting to break into your home. You may have a business and may have certain security needs that require areas to be restricted and you want to make sure that no one trespasses. Maybe you are a company that provides a service and you want to determine how many customers walk into your place of business every day. You could have a store and want to prevent shoplifting and spot it quickly when it occurs. It could even be a way to observe your employees at work so that you can provide them feedback about their productivity and how they can help in making the workplace more efficient and productive. The list can go on.

Price vs Quality

In order to have your needs fulfilled, you want a surveillance system that works for you. The first thing to know is that low prices usually mean a surveillance system that may not offer the best quality or may not even help in serving the purpose for which it is installed. Yes, surveillance systems can be purchased at lower price points for a specific purpose, but if security is an essential detail, you may not want to have to choose between price and quality. A small surveillance system, for example for a home, may not cost as much as it may only need a few cameras, a video monitoring system, and a few wires to connect everything. An elaborate surveillance system, for a business for instance, may be more costly since it would involve plenty of cameras, a proper monitoring system with multiple screens, audio, video recorders, and so on. You may also want to consider a surveillance system that can cope with all kinds of temperatures and weather conditions.

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Various Options

You may not realize it but there is also a difference between indoor and outdoor cameras. Indoor cameras may not do too well outdoors because they are not produced to handle temperatures and weather conditions like outdoor cameras. There are certain cases where outdoor cameras can be used indoors but it is advised that indoor cameras should not be used outdoors since they may fail to function properly and serve the effective surveillance propose.

From wireless cameras, or minimal wires, to pan, tilt, and zoom cameras, a wide range of surveillance options are available. Wireless cameras aren’t completely wireless but they reduce the amount of wires that need to be hooked up and make it easier for the system to be concealed or be less complicated in elaborate surveillance systems. Pan, tilt, and zoom cameras are great for commercial purposes because they can zoom in or out, pan around 360 degrees, and provide good quality images. They are great for indoor and outdoor installation and are a great contender for versatility. They can be costly but can reduce the number of cameras you may otherwise need. These cameras also react to alarms and can detect problems quickly. This is ideal for a more commercial purpose as opposed to serving as a home surveillance system.

License plate recognition cameras are great for crime-related surveillance. If vandalism or theft takes place and a vehicle is caught by a camera, it is easy to make out a vehicle that may be involved in the crime. This is great for gated communities or commercial buildings. It does need to be installed correctly and has to be functioning properly, and experts like us can help with the installation to make sure you get the most out of your surveillance system.

Network surveillance systems are a great option because they only need Ethernet cables to work. This reduces the need for multiple wires. High quality images are captured by such a surveillance system and this is a great starter for someone installing a surveillance system for the first time. Since this system feeds directly to a video recorder or even a web browser, you can keep an eye on the system remotely through your phone or laptop as long as the system is linked to a router. IP systems may need boosters over long distances so that is an important consideration for remote surveillance.

IP cameras are always a better option over analog, and technology has come a long way to offer high quality solutions at lower prices. Price is definitely dependent on the magnitude of the surveillance system and the purpose it serves, but high-quality options are available at lower prices that are suitable for home surveillance systems. You may still want to be careful when considering IP cameras therefore it always best to consult an expert that can guide you towards affordable options that do not fail on the quality front. Any certified locksmith can help you out in such a scenario.

Again, your choice is dependent on your needs. How big is the surveillance area? Do you need a zoom lens? What cameras have the best night vision? Where should your cameras be installed, at what height, resistant to what temperatures? Should your surveillance system be concealed? We can assist you with these questions and help you to make your decision. Know that with cameras, storage for footage, cables, recording software, and video monitoring, you have a complete surveillance system, and we can help not only with advice and installation but with all the hardware that you will most likely need.

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