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Home Security – Living Alone

Living alone can be scary for someone who has never done it, or for someone who hasn’t done it in many years. This is especially true if you are moving to a new area that you might not be too familiar with. Whether you are going through a divorce and are about to spend time, for the first time in decades, living alone, or are just getting ready to start a new job somewhere, it can be stressful knowing you won’t have someone to live with. Some people opt to adopt a dog or cat to keep them company. But what about security? What about the anxiety that comes along with being the only person in your household? What are you supposed to do?

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Let’s Start with Apartment Security Services

Of course, these services could also apply to a condo, or even a homeowner. Let’s say you have narrowed things down and chosen a complex you like. But it lacks gates, which makes you feel a little uneasy, and it does not have a security guard. Either way, it feels safe enough, and the neighbors seem friendly. This is obviously a great start and all-important features to have. Here are some steps if you are concerned about your security because you will be living alone:

  • Consider getting a unit on the second floor or higher. It would be a lot easier to break into a unit on the first floor because a person could just run away. But if you are on a higher level, it makes things a lot more difficult.
  • Have window locks installed. This can help to prevent a break in. A popular lock is the Gatehouse 4-Pack Aluminum Sliding Window Lock.
  • Lock the patio door, if there is one. If it could use an extra lock, think about having a barricade lock installed.
  • Have deadbolts installed.
  • Get to know your neighbors. Even if you are just on a “hi, how are you?” basis, it’s good to be friendly with the families that live around you. At the very least, this might help you to feel a little bit safer in your new community.
  • Watch out for those front door locks. If yours doesn’t always lock all the way, or if it looks to be falling apart, talk to your landlord or management. They can replace the locks if needed.
  • Have a safe installed. This is a good way to hide your valuables, especially if you have people in and out of your apartment or condo.

Single Family Home Security

Are you moving by yourself into a single-family home? Or perhaps you are staying in the same home, but others are moving out so you will be alone. What are some steps you can take to secure your home? Take a look.

  • Have a video camera installed facing your front or back entry way. Simply having the camera there, and visible to someone on the outside, can serve as a theft deterrent.
  • Have your front door locks looked at by a locksmith if yours have seen better days. Look for signs of wear and tear.
  • Have a deadbolt installed.
  • Like in an apartment complex, you should have window locks installed.
  • Consider having garage locks installed.
  • If you have a patio, have a lock installed on the back door.
  • Get a safe! This can help you to keep big-ticket items out of plain sight.

There is a vast array of valid options for better security when it comes to those who live alone, and of course these solutions mentioned would apply to any property owner, not just a person living by themselves. You certainly deserve to have peace of mind, whether you are living with a huge family or by yourself.

Hopefully this information is beneficial for you and provides the guidance that you need to better secure your property and to feel peace of mind. But maybe you live elsewhere or are moving elsewhere. Do a Google search, or whatever search engine you choose, for “locksmith near me” to find locksmiths that will service your location. You can also plug in “locksmith in [insert your city name here] and you should get options that pop up.

Keep the contact information (phone number) of a locksmith in your location saved in your phone so you can reach them fast. Who knows, you could end up locked out and needing help right away. Irrespective of what you need, if you are worried at all about security and you are living alone, just connect with a local locksmith for advice.

If you are living alone, try not to panic – yes, it can be daunting initially, but once you get used to it surely you will feel much more comfortable. You can rest easy knowing there are many security services designed with you in mind. Maybe someone you know and love is about to be alone for the first time, and you want to help keep them safe. You could send a locksmith their way or you could even consider having an alarm system installed. Just bear in mind, you have options.

Thanks for reading about home security – living alone. Remember to save the number of a licensed and insured locksmith!

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